Saturday, February 3, 2007

D.I.C.K. / Drawing Game

D.I.C.K. is a collaborative group of international artists. From 31st May, 2005, to 31st January, 2007, the members have met up weekly for a one-hour Drawing Game, in which they take turns in providing eight sheets of paper, two per person. The paper size and quality vary. All the artists start two drawings, and pass them over to the other members for completion. As a result, the whole group contributes to all drawings.

Providing a counterpoint to the artists’ solitary studio practices, Drawing Game resembles play rather than work. It teaches the artists to react and communicate through drawing. The game’s fast pace calls forth an instantaneous and automatic reaction, which forces the artists to make their marks on paper without the pressure of a polished finish: more weight is placed on the activity itself rather than its outcome. Such a playful pursuit encourages new ideas to develop and unexpected outcomes to surface.

This blog was created after we had set up our final show in New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art. The images are in chronological order.

July & August 2005 / Some Drawings

August 2005 / Some Drawings

September 2005 / Some Drawings

October 2005 / some drawings

November 2005

Vergette Gallery, April 3-7, 2006